KOHO - Your new workplace
7626 Pécs, Koller u. 5/2       Tel: +36-72/212-863  

KOHÓ CoWorking House Pécs = Open, creative networking office --> Your new workplace.

- An intellectual melting pot where creative ideas can meet each other, where the future begins. -

KOHÓ CoWorking House Pécs was founded in 2011. Pécs is an attractive city of traditions and innovations with a Mediterranean athmosphere, in the South-Danubian part of Hungary. Creative industry plays a significant role in this region. In our coworking office the members of creative business meet with the undergrads and a lot of coworkers with various jobs and they cooperate and create new ideas.

We offer inspirative workplace in the city centre, coffee, tea and everything what a coworker needs in an office. We have regular jellies and trainings.

Are you the one who

--> does not need an office all the time

--> likes all days different?

--> but also wants a place that is a bit yours, inspirative, and good company?

Well, then you are the one who should be in KOHÓ with us. Work on your project, have fun, ask for help, go for a walk, leave your stuff in KOHÓ, come back later, have a coffee, bring your partners, enjoy the company… so this is co-working.

No more space in the library? Too noisy? Or do you have a common project to work on for college?
For Students: Knowledge Centre, PTE KTK, PTE ÁJK just 4 minutes walk! Grouped tickets from 360 HUF/person/hours.

Why?                   We offer: 

mail receiving, WIFI, meeting room, projector, flip-chart, fax, scanner, printer, downtown location, Coffee-Tee, international co-working network, good mood, design, private desk, 220V, coaching, events, benchmarking,  co-working, projects, new partners, success- money – shining.....

Only pay what you consume. No overhead, no unwanted costs, cheaper and stiller than a coffee shop but it is more exciting than working at home.

Ask more about the prices and services at the Reception desk!

Welcome to KOHO!

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

+ 36 72 212 863 




Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm